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Regional Laboratory and Blood Bank.
Since the opening of the regional laboratory in Dammam in 1401 him and he is witnessing the development of rapid and startling in its capabilities and its performance until it reached what it is now a prominent place. The regional laboratory and blood bank diagnostic services in line with an integrated advanced level and distinct from the medical services in our kingdom expensive. Laboratory and kept all the regional specialties on the version of the results can be very accurate for the physician to rely on them. Tests are conducted under strict procedures and conform to modern scientific standards and in accordance with global standards to ensure quality and accuracy of the results.
Working in the laboratory and the regional elite Ultimate at the highest levels of scientific consultants, specialists and technicians also boasts the latest equipment and laboratory equipment that only the presence of some of them exclusively on the regional laboratory.
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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Preparation.
Laboratory test results are dependent on the quality of the specimen submitted. It is important that all specimen and request slips be properly labeled with the name of the patient, collection date, and the origin source of the specimen , when applicable. If there is any doubt or question regarding the type of specimen that should be collected, it is imperative. To Consult the attached Regional Lab Guidelines Manual (RLGM) Blood collection Most laboratory tests are performed on anti coagulated whole blood, plasma, or serum. In general, specimen should be refrigerated until placed in the courier box for transport to the laboratory. Plasma : Draw a sufficient amount of blood with the indicated anticoagulant to yield the necessary plasma volume. Mix the blood collection tube by inverting six to ten times immediately after collection. If required separate plasma from cells by centrifugation within 20-30monuites.
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